Innovative Collaboration

Innovative collaboration

Innovative collaboration between Singapore research institutes and companies in the industry to commercialize robot technology and move it from research to actual production sites. This is improving efficiency and productivity in the industry segment, as well as helping to create new skill development jobs.

Flexible Automation with Transformational Collaboration

Equipment and robot maker partners collaborate with Mega Plus to integrate their product seamlessly with our engineering design and assembly expertise to enable smooth process automation.

Joint Innovation

Mega Plus has joined hands with major industry customers … Test-bed and develop system along side with different technology partner for go-to-market solutions.

robotics automation

Transformational Collaboration in Flexible Automation

The challenges in robotics automation are not simply putting in robots and automated process. MPT goes beyond to deliver robotics automation project. MPT collaborate with HP Indigo and super Pak Manufacturing to design a robotics automation system which increase in shipping density of raw materials, reducing warehouse space and carbon footprint for HP Indigo.

Problem Statement

Design a robotics grip to pick bio-degradable paper pulp packaging material with loose tolerance and able to flexible to pick up ink can with the same robotics end-effector is a challenge for automation design.

MPT solution:

After defining the problem statement, understanding the nature of the material to be picked, our team started to research into the various robotics gripper available, do intensive calculation of the pick and planning. We design an innovative and compact robotic end-effector to handle both the ink cans and molded pulps. We integrated the design with more intelligent sensing and control features into the system, after which we invest our resources in proofing the concept design through advance 3D simulation before the actual fabrication to reduce resource wastage in doing amendment and alteration at the final stage of implementation. Our mission is to do it right at the start to achieve sustainable automation.

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An important element in achieving productivity improvement in manufacturing and production is operational integration of machinery and process equipment in these operations. We have built our domain knowledge in the past to value add to our customers in integrating automation with sustainability.