mega plus tech

We provide innovation solution to our customers for their most complex automation challenges.

Our extensive experience equipped us with unique insights into the potential problems and challenges of every kind of automation projects in most industries. Our engineering design team members have in-depth experience in each phase of the automation system life cycle, taking the system design from initial concept and requirements development through final implementation and live operations. Our complete systems engineering capabilities include robotics EOAT design and integration, simulation and analysis, control process development and central control management, integration and data management control, as well as requirements verification and validation.

Engineering Design

Basic Engineering Design

With our 20 years of extensive experience in engineering design, our designers and engineers have the expertise and commitment to overcome most technical challenges and prepare automation projects of any size with our unique insights. 

System Engineering & Integration

MPT has the capability to drive automation innovation with numerous collaboration with different partners. 

Our system engineering capabilities include design with industrial compliance, simulation and analysis, process development and management, machining of mechanical parts, integration and testing, data management and control and requirment verification and validation. 


Reference Design

Our reference design approach allows our customers to benefit from the extensive built up design concept from our extensive project development in the various industries we undertake.

These design concept are based on best-in-class facilities that can customized for different specific needs and evolved to keep abreast of development in the industry.   Our reference designs are designed for sustainability, low CAPEX, modular and flexibility automation.

Our Award and Accreditation

ISO 9000 & ISO 45001 Certified

Longest-established ABB Partners since 2004.

2015 Established Automation Innovation with SMEs

Collaboration Innovation Awards in 2016 with Global MNCs.


Our Customers

“The collaborative nature of the project, supported by Partnerships for Capability Transformation Program (PACT), was crucial in driving a successful outcome. At the end of the day, all three parties must come together to minimise the potential for failure.”

~ Mr Long tin Ping , Group General Manager, Super Pak

“Megaplus has delivered outstandingly time and again, in terms of providing us with reliable, high quality automation machine and equipment for deployment in the Asia region – all within very short timeframes.”

~ Mr Ching Chee Kheng, Director of KISWEL LTD

“We choose to work with Megaplus because their team has a very comprehensive range of solutions as well as a level of service that is commendable. Compared to other system integrators, we get more options and flexibility to maneuvre. ”

~ Jenson Ong, ABB Sales manager (Robotics Division)