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be "Anadrol 50" school abductor cries foul

But Ulysse Andre, 46, and her family who before the incident had been members of the school s church, Faith Baptist, for 8 years say this is not the whole story.

Instead they say the school is using the attempted kidnapping story as publicity and Ulysse Andre is an innocent woman who was discriminated against because of the color of her skin.

"They "Anadrol 50" said they didn t know who I was," said a perplexed Ulysse Andre as she sat in her living room, recalling the day she was arrested at the school the school her 21 year old daughter, Falose Andre, attended years prior. "I was trying to remind them that I was a member, but they said they didn t know me."

The mother of four said she stopped by the school that January afternoon to inquire about enrolling her 6 year old daughter.

So, after attending her nursing class at Mercer County College earlier in the day, she said she stopped by to collect information about the school s enrollment procedures.

The first and second graders were playing in the yard for lunch recess, when Ulysse Andre arrived at the school

Sharon Wilbur, the school s principal, told The Trentonian earlier this month that the staff knew who Ulysse Andre was because her daughter was a former student.

She told them she was interested in enrolling her child into the Buy Cheap Jintropin Online elementary school, but insteadof heading to the main office, as instructed by teachers, officials said Ulysse Andre got Equipoise Racehorse back into her car.

They said Ulysse Andre moved the Gensci Jintropin car so "Anabola Steroider Norge Lagligt" it was facing out of the driveway, and went back to the playground in an alleged attempt to lure a 7 year old girl into her vehicle.

Wilbur said Ulysse Andre bent down to the child s height, grabbed the child s arm and said she knew her mother.

Gloria Wilson, a second grade teacher who saw Ulysse Andre talking to the student, slid her body in between the two and a first grade teacher, Cindy Groleau, contacted Wilbur from her cell phone.

Ulysse Andre was escorted off the property by Wilbur and arrested by police as the school whistle was blown.

The school s account, though, is much different from Ulysse Andre who said she used to baby sit children during church services.

She sang as a soprano in the choir next to Groleau, who treated her like a stranger that January day because she didn t have on her best clothes, according to Ulysse Andre s daughter.

"She told me she leaned over and said the girl was cute, as she asked for her name," said Ulysse Andre s daughter, Falose Andre, whose honor roll sticker from the school still sits proudly on the back of the family s Toyota Camry.

"Don t use my family to get publicity for your church."

Ulysse Andre s husband, Ludovic Andre, said the school s staff and principal treated his wife the way they did that day because they are racist.

"We feel like it s some type of racial issue because we are black," he said. "This is the most racist church in Hamilton Township . She is a mother of four kids and she hardly has time for them. So why would she want someone else s kid."

"If you come to visit our school, you ll see that half of the children are minorities," said Wilbur in response to the Andre family s racist claims. "I can just tell you what we are and what we believe, but they are trying to take the focus off of the real issue."

After Ulysse Andre was released from jail, her husband had to help his wife bathe and said his family is suffering because of the incident.

"The way it was publicized in the news was ridiculous," said Falose Andre. "It traumatized the family."

Wilbur said the dynamics of her school has changed quite a bit since the alleged attempting kidnapping.

A mug shot Is Anavar A Controlled Substance of Ulysses Andre hangs in every classroom so the staff and 275 students would recognize her if Primobolan Xbs she ever came back.

Several programs and videos about the dangers of talking to strangers have been introduced to the students, who can receive a "safe stars" at the end of the month.

Teachers with cell phones are required to keep the phones by their side when they take the students out for recess.

"We tried to take a bad situation and make it as good as possible," said Wilbur. "Our safe system worked well though because the girl was not taken and now we are trying to be even more careful to keep things tight.

"The safety of my students is important to me. I want them to be safe . and I want her to face the consequences. I just want justice."

Assistant Prosecutor Cindy Liccardo presented the case against Ulysse Andre in a closed proceeding Tuesday with the Mercer County grand jury. The panel then decided to indict Ulysses Andre for criminal attempt to commit kidnapping, criminal trespass and luring, officials said.

Ulysse Andre, who was released on $50,000 bail in January, faces up to 10 years in jail if convicted and now will either plead guilty to the charges or take the case to trial.