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Mega Plus Technology Pte Ltd was incorporated in Singapore Year 2004, specializing in FULL TURN KEY PROJECT in factory automation. We are experienced and committed that believes QUALITY and TIMELY delivery in every machine/system we built. Thus, enabling customer to achieve increased productivity and cost saving.

Some of our successful turnkey projects involve material handling, Box forming machine, intelligent conveyor systems, painting facilities, drying/curing ovens and custom make machine, robotics application and bar coding system, etc.
Our core competencies include:
High Efficiency Conveyor Systems
Motion Control and Drive Systems
Box Forming and Palletizing System
Robotics and Vision Systems
Integrated Manufacturing Systems
Programmable Logic Control Systems (PLCs)
Other services include:
Concept Design
New System Specification Development
Panel Fabrication, Wiring and Installation
Re-modification of existing machine
Dismantling, re-installation and commissioning